Jana Hildre-Swezy:

An established designer for more than 20 years, Interior Designer, Jana Hildre, after honing her skills at top LA design firms, she opened her studio in West Hollywood in 2000, Jana Hildre Interior Design.   Now located in the beautiful beach city of Ventura, Jana has clients locally and throughout Southern California. With a degrees in Architecture and Interior Design, Jana brings life to her ideas in 3-D renderings, giving each project a full visual of their unique spaces.  Clients often refer to the design process as fun more than work, and keeps their personality and style in mind.  

What is a Bowerbird?

It's a bird, not a plane, it's the interior designer of birds.  Fascinated by the story of the Bowerbird from Australia,  in a National Geographic episode, she  knew that someday her design firm would be named after the bowerbird.  The male bird spends his days building bowers with exquisite architectural details and engineering. Upon completion of his bower, the male scavenges the forest for brightly colored items to decorate the bower, such as brightly colored blue flowers, or red berries, or even trash in those colors.  All to impress and woo in a female bird.   

This attention to architectural detail and colorful interiors is the same inspiration and aesthetics as Bowerbird Interiors.